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Meet Kim

Kim Owens is running to bring her lifetime of experience in public service, policy development, rate-payer advocacy, and energy and water regulation to the Arizona Corporation Commission. A second-generation Arizona native, Kim has a deep connection with many areas of our state and has a life-long commitment to keeping Arizona true to the values and lifestyle we all cherish. As a registered nurse in a busy emergency room, Kim made urgent, life-saving decisions based on proven medical science and the ability to analyze the situation. As a Realtor and small business owner, Kim understood that her clients were putting their trust in her hands to represent them in one of the largest purchases they would ever make. As an active member of her community, she has mentored hundreds of others in looking for ways they, too, can be of service to their community. 

"I have never waited for a problem to come to me before recognizing the

need to find solutions. For me, supporting my community and state extends

beyond how something affects me, but to how does it affect my neighbor."  

~Kim Owens~

Married for 43 years to her husband Dean, a retired Phoenix Police Officer, and the mother of three adult children with 6 grandchildren, Kim understands the commitment to a vision for a bright future requires the work to see things through. She has never waivered in her life-long dedication to contributing to the work needed to fulfill the potential our beautiful state holds, and its residents deserve.   


Currently serving her first term as a Commissioner on the Arizona Power Authority, Kim was also elected to three terms as a ratepayer advocate on the Salt River Project Council (SRP), re-elected twice by voters in her district, to represent the ratepayers. Kim’s public service includes serving twenty years on the Tolleson Union High School District Governing Board, elected five times by the voters. She believes it is imperative to ask tough questions and look at all sides of every issue to prevent unintended consequences and make the proper decisions, free of outside influence.

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As a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission, Kim will utilize her experience to ensure every utility company is appropriately regulated to provide what the Arizona Constitution requires, “convenience, comfort, and safety, and the preservation of the health, of the employees and patrons of such corporations”. Every Arizona community should receive the same level of quality, affordable and reliable service, every decision should be fair and honest and in the best interests of the ratepayer, no matter how big or how small.

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