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Arizona is home to over 7.5 million residents - and growing every day. We are the nation's 14th most populated and 6th largest in size. The climate is a combination of five climate zones, from the hot, low desert to the much colder mountains. The utility needs of our state vary by location and season. 

In the next few years, Arizona will be faced with becoming an energy-dependent state. This means we will not have the capacity to generate enough power. Finding solutions that are both affordable and reliable is the key - we cannot borrow the tried and failed policies of states like Texas and California. The for-profit pricing gimmicks and well-meaning but short-sighted ideas like over-dependency on "renewables" will not provide what we need.


We need to explore methods that Arizona controls and prevent being dependent on California and other states with their energy regulations that could determine if we have sufficient power to run our businesses, heat and cool our homes, and impose restrictions on things like how we cook our meals.

21st Century Arizona-based Solutions 

Opening our minds to new ideas, like these and others, based on science and not speculation will be what delivers Arizona to a place of clean, dependable, and affordable energy independents.

  • Micro-nuclear reactors are safe, dependable, self-cooling, and can be transported to areas of need

  • Geo-thermal storage of existing excess solar production

  • Hydrogen power through biomass conversion   

According to the Arizona Constitution, these two words - just and reasonable -  define the responsibility of the Arizona Corporation Commission.  It is time for the voters of Arizona to know the person they cast their vote for has a record that proves they can follow that command.  In my 20 years as a school board member, 10 years representing ratepayers on the Salt River Project Council, and currently as an Arizona Power Authority Commissioner, I serve with a commitment to advocate for the interests of those I am honored to represent and will bring that skill to the Arizona Corporation Commission.  

As a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission, my platform will be simple - apply the test of "just and reasonable" to all actions and always place the needs of the citizens of Arizona first according to the Constitution. 




The commission does more than regulate utilities - and those areas need attention. As the Arizona economy expands, the Corporation Commission needs to adapt to the needs of our big state. Offering more convenient services to all parts of the state and speeding up the processing of new businesses would be great steps to increase productivity and offer better customer service. While these are not the issues that make the news, they are the issues that can make life easier for the people of our state. 

I commit to:

  • Ask the tough questions and demand serious, honest answers

  • Look beyond the obvious, and expect others to do so as well

  • Serve all of Arizona with honesty and integrity  

  • Respect the rights of consumers and business alike, no matter their size or influence

  • Follow the U.S. and Arizona Constitution 

I will not back down but bring a strength that is committed, without wavering, to the purpose for which the Arizona Corporation Commission exists, with a vision that sees the way to get there and is focused on the public good, for today and tomorrow.

Bruce Ash, "Perhaps the best 2 1/2 minutes ever on inside Track."

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