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Earning the Trust.  
Keeping the Trust

I’ve never waited for an issue to be “my problem” before working toward a solution. If it was a problem for my neighbor, or my community, then it was worth my time to help. This is one of those times.

I have never stood on the sidelines.

When our community was concerned about decisions our school board was making, my husband and I attended the school board meetings to see for ourselves. It was obvious there needed to be a change. So, I ran for the school board – in a recall election…as a write-in candidate…in a special election in August…and I won! I went on to be re-elected to five full terms. That is 20 years of earning the trust and keeping the trust of voters.

As a member of the Salt River Project Council, I ran to be an advocate for the rate-payers, the people who owned the homes in my district and paid the bills, unlike others that run for what the office can do for them. Defeating an incumbent, I was then re-elected to two additional terms and served ten years regulating water and power for a company with the highest consumer ratings in the industry.  Again, I earned the trust and kept the trust of the people who elected me.

I’m presently a Commissioner on the Arizona Power Authority where we oversee Arizona’s portion of the hydroelectric power from Hoover Dam.  I was appointed and confirmed in a unanimous vote by the Arizona State Senate having earned the trust of those the voters in Arizona have trusted to represent them.


Now, when the radical left is trying to regulate everything from how we cook our food to the car we drive, it is time to put my experience and knowledge to work at the Arizona Corporation Commission.


Proven, tested, experienced, and ready

I have more experience in utility regulation than all the other candidates combined. But what is the big difference between us? I have proven to be on the right side of the issues and am running for the right reasons.


How many times do we see politicians running for an office because they are termed out of a seat and looking for a place to land? Or someone with a pre-set agenda, or personal desire for power who will do or say anything to be elected? My record shows it’s never been about those things with me, it’s always been about serving my community, my state! We have had enough of politicians who come in with a song-and-dance then disappoint us time and again with their votes.

Not afraid to stand alone- Not afraid to lead

Standing up for what is right isn’t hard to do, even when you stand alone. So, this year when the Arizona Legislature was debating a drastic change in how we regulate electricity in our state, I stood alone among both Republican and Democrat ACC candidates in opposing the Texas-California style regulation called “retail competition”. Some chose to stay quiet and keep their position hidden from view while other candidates actively sided with the Democrats and far-left “environmental justice” groups who are supportive of “Green New Deal” style policies.   

I was the only ACC candidate that sided with the Republican majority, farmers, ranchers, and our valuable mining industry

– but most of importantly – I sided with consumers!

The data is clear, electric retail competition raises rates, leads to blackouts, and would not be good for Arizona.

We prevailed to defeat the out-of-state profiteers from gouging you on your electric bill like they are doing at the gas pump!

But, some have vowed to bring the question back again next year! This means the threat of higher rates, decreased reliability with fraud and market manipulation is still out there.

My Priorities

The effects of the decisions made at the Arizona Corporation Commission are part of our everyday lives. The cost of power and water for our homes impacts our personal household budget, and what we pay for goods and services.

  • Reliable and affordable utility services

  • Grid and Pipeline Resiliency

  • Arizona-based solutions to our energy and water needs

Our future is bright, with great promise through advancing new, dependable Arizona-based energy sources, capable of producing an abundant supply. Sources such as micro-nuclear technologies, clean hydrogen, and geothermal pump storage utilizing existing excess solar power. However, we must maintain the affordability and dependability of our current energy sources as quality alternative sources are being developed.

As a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission, my focus will be on putting consumers first. I will reject mandates, subsidies, and the costly, undependable methods of providing utilities to our homes and businesses along with the profit schemes that have brought out-of-control rates, blackouts, and fraud to other states. And, I'll say no to policies that are more about who makes the profit than who pays the bill.


It is time for leadership at the ACC

I've proven myself to be a leader, not afraid to face opposition or push back. We've had enough of self-serving people in government, focused on what's in it for them not what they can do for you! Arizona needs a commissioner who is experienced, has proven herself to be balanced and fair, someone who looks at all sides of the issues with a keen focus on what is right for ratepayers and what is necessary to keep utilities safe, reliable, and affordable. With my experience in both water and power, electing me provides the consumers of Arizona with an experienced rate-payer advocate working on their behalf.

Respectfully, I ask for your vote in the 2022 Republican Primary for the Arizona Corporation Commission. 

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