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 Please Sign today!

In Arizona, all candidates for elected office must collect signatures from registered voters to be officially placed on the ballot - sign today to help ensure Kim's name is on the Arizona Primary Ballot.

Arizona is a beautiful place to live, raise a
family, build a business, or retire. We must
protect the reasons it is among the fastest
growing states in the country. 

The effects of the decisions made at the Arizona Corporation Commission are part of our everyday lives. The cost of power and water for our homes impacts our personal household budget, and what we pay for goods and services. Reliable and affordable electricity, natural gas, and water are a requirement for businesses, and the jobs they provide, to stay in our state.   

It is time to elect a commissioner who is experienced, has proven herself to be balanced and fair, someone who looks at all sides of the issues with a keen focus on what is right for ratepayers and what is necessary to keep utilities safe, reliable, and affordable.

It is time to elect Kim Owens.