Out-of-state interests spent millions of dollars to influence the 2018 Arizona elections, encouraging changes to our lifestyle and threatening to  damage our economy.  But, Arizona voters defeated Prop. 127 sending a message - DON'T CALIFORNIA MY ARIZONA!  

In recent years, the office of Arizona Corporation Commissioner (ACC) has shown a need for strength and vision from those who occupy the office. A strength that is committed, without wavering, to the purpose for which the ACC exists and a vision that sees the way to get there with a focus on the public good. 


According to the Arizona Constitution, these two words - just and reasonable - 

define the responsibility of the Arizona Corporation Commission.  It is time

for the voters of Arizona to know the person they cast their vote for has a

record that proves they can follow that command.  In my 20 years as a

school board member, and during the past 10 years representing ratepayers

on the Salt River Project Council, I accepted the challenge of advocating for

the interests of those I represent and will bring that skill to the Arizona 

Corporation Commission.  

As a member of the ACC my platform will be simple - to apply the test of

"just and reasonable" to all actions and always place, first and foremost,

the needs of the citizens of Arizona according to the Constitution

I commit to:

  • Ask the tough questions and demand serious, honest answers

  • Look beyond the obvious, and expect others to do so as well

  • Serve all of Arizona, rural and urban - large and small communities, with the same level of integrity and interest

  • Respect the rights of consumers and business alike, no matter their size or influence

The commission is about more than utility regulation. According to the Constitution, the ACC "shall have the sole power to issue certificates of incorporation to companies organizing under the laws of this state, and to issue licenses to foreign corporations to do business in this state...". The first stop in starting a new corporation is the ACC, it must be effective, consumer-driven and customer service oriented while effectively following the statutes. 

Leadership isn't the same as power -  too many in elected office have no desire to serve or lead, only to have influence and power. My lifetime of service and leadership in many capacities, is a record I can stand on with pride. It is my intent to lead - not follow - and do so with a strong voice and serious intent to bring stability and balance. 



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